Keepon spotted in EDF Energy ad?

Wow Stuff boss reveals the mystery robot is named 'Zingy' and is built from Keepon technology.
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A mystery robot strutting some familiar funky dance moves has been spotted in an advert from EDF Energy, titled ‘Feel Better’ (See the video of him in action below).

The big-eyed orange bot seems to have the same talents that made My Keepon famous last year - so is he any relation to the Christmas 2011 blockbuster toy from Wow Stuff?

“Our inventor of the original Keepon has been working hard with EDF Energy since last Summer to create Zingy, the dancing bot of the new EDF adverts,” Wow Stuff MD Richard North told ToyNews.

"Zingy is born of Keepon - he is actually the Keepon body and functions. I guess you could say he is Keepon's 'mischevious brother'."

Just like My Keepon did last year, Zingy has been attracting plenty of attention on YouTube and has amassed close half a million hits.

He has already appeared in another EDF Energy ad and there could be further star turns for Keepon's orange colleague, with North advising fans to “watch this space”. 


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