Jumbo hits the headlines

Firm enjoyed national press coverage after it handmade a missing jigsaw piece for a puzzle fan.
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86-year-old Jack Harris had taken seven and a half years to complete a puzzle only to find it had a piece missing.

The 5,000-piece puzzle from the Falcon range is no longer in production so Jumbo had a piece specially commissioned and sent to the pensioner.

The story hit the national and regional press, including The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, The Telegraph and The Express, as well as radio, with Jumbo marketing manager, Kirstie Oliver, conducting an interview live on BBC Radio Scotland and the story being featured on BBC's Have I Got News For You (forward to 14 minutes and 50 seconds to watch the clip).

Gray Richmond, managing director at Jumbo Games, manufacturer of the Falcon range, said: “It is a real challenge to complete a 5,000 piece puzzle. It requires a great deal of dedication and is a fantastic achievement that Mr Harris has finished the jigsaw after seven years.

"When we heard that one piece was missing we wanted to do all we could to help put in place the final piece of the puzzle.

"As this Falcon jigsaw is no longer produced, we had the piece individually made by our expert puzzle designers. We also sent Mr Harris a selection of the new Jumbo puzzles.”


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