Jumbo finds that playing puzzles = more pay

Research conducted as part of a national Wasgij campaign shows Brits who regularly play jigsaw puzzles earn more.
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If you regularly play puzzles the chances are you earn seven per cent more than your friend who doesn’t – that’s according to research recently conducted by games firm Jumbo.

The average income of Brits who complete jigsaw puzzles is £32,073 while non-puzzlers take home seven per cent less with an average salary of £29,923.

Furthermore, 70 per cent of those with an annual income over £120,000 were found to puzzle at least three times a week.

The research was conducted as part of a national campaign to drive awareness for Wasgij – targeted primarily at adults aged 35 to 55, it's currently the UK's number one adult puzzle brand (NPD YTD June 2012). And it’s pronounced ‘Woz-gidge’, in case you were wondering.

Katherine Pierce, marketing manager at Jumbo Games said: “Wasgij is the UK’s number one adult jigsaw puzzle brand but we were keen to extend its reach and engage more puzzle fans and enthusiasts with the Wasgij concept.

“Wasgij puzzles are challenging as they are different from traditional puzzles as you don’t puzzle the box image, which is why, along with the humorous illustrations, people love them. The mini puzzles were a big hit with city workers, so we hope it not only grows the Wasgij following but leads to a few pay rises too.”

Jumbo polled 1,033 working Brits over the age of 18.


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