John Crane launches Sevi Puzzles

New Play Puzzles join the pre-school Sevi brand.
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New Play Puzzles join the pre-school Sevi brand.
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There are three to collect in Sevi’s new Play Puzzle series – Farm Play Puzzle, Transport Play Puzzle and City Play Puzzle.

Painted inside the wooden box are matching designs to show youngsters how to place the pieces back inside. The puzzles are designed so that as little ones grow, they realise each piece comes apart and is interchangeable, enabling them to make new characters and shapes.

Also from Sevi, Balance is a game of skill. Floating on wave-like rockers, the wooden Noah’s Ark sways from side to side. It comes with ten animals, two of each; giraffes, snakes, elephants, crocodiles and rhinos, with the object of the game being to stack them delicately into the Ark.

John Crane: 01604 774949