James May's Toy Stories begins tonight

The first of the much-anticipated series sees Airfix enjoying some of its best ever free publicity.
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The series begins tonight on BBC 2 at 8 - 9pm and will continue weekly

Presenter James May embarked on the series to prove why traditional, old fashioned toys are still relevant by pushing them to the limit in supersize challenges.

This week, May's challenge is to build a life-size model of a Battle of Britain Spitfire (pictured in process). Filming of the giant Airfix kit-building took place at RAF Cosworth in Shropshire.

The full size model was based on hand-drawn plans from original Airfix blueprints and painted in Humbrol model-makers’ paint.

The venture soon hits problems when it becomes clear the 36-foot pieces may not be strong enough, and nobody knows how they will fit together.

Darrell Burge, Airfix marketing manager, commented: “This was a great version of our model kits. We also supplied plans for the 1:72 scale model which was used in the build. You’ll have to wait until the programme to see if the 1:1 model actually flies.”

Future challenges to air in the series will see May attempting to make life size versions of a Lego house, a plasticine garden, a Meccano bridge, a Scalextric racing track and a Hornby railway.


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