InspirationWorks grows girls lines

Firm to roll out number of new electronic learning products featuring key licences this year.
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The firm is continuing to grow its Disney Princess range, introducing a Disney Princess Magical Tea Set, which includes two teacups, a teapot and spoons. The £19.99 product joins other items such as the Magical Smartphone, Secret Treasure Box and Magical Secret Book in the Disney Princess collection.

Autumn/winter will see the launch of the Tatty Teddy Secret Wardrobe. A special key unlocks the wardrobe to reveal a 30-page Secret Journal, while it also comes with a pen, torch, stickers and customisable jewels.

The firm continues to enjoy success with its Peppa Pig electronic learning items. Peppa’s Flip-Up Phone has seen a sales surge in Q1 2012; the character speaks when the call key is pressed and by pressing the picture key her image appears on the screen.



Girls' market

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