HERO PRODUCT: Flair Gormiti Animation Collection

The new Gormiti animation series Lords of Nature Return, has been unveiled.
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With most boys’ toys, a TV series is a major reason for the success of a brand – but with Gormiti it has already been very successful even before a TV series has been broadcast.

September 28th will see the launch of the new Gormiti cartoon series airing daily on NickToons. A move that will ensure the demand for Gormiti toys is greater than ever.

The new Animation series has a different look as each piece is styled in line with the animated cartoon programmes. But it will sit alongside the classic Gormiti series – complementing the range of sets already available.

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The new Gormiti animation series Lords of Nature Return, complete with new figures, accessories and play-sets, has been unveiled. Together with the brand new TV series, a heavyweight TV and marketing campaign is planned?


Gormiti: Flair

Flair's burgeoning boys' collectable is gathering pace with a mixture of TV, PR and promotions, with much still to come...

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