Hasbro unveils Rolling Stones Monopoly

London streets are replaced by album and single titles in the special edition game.
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The Rolling Stones version of Monopoly follows a number of licensed titles including Star Wars, Coronation Street

The new game will replace London street names to tie in with the theme. Park Place is renamed a Bigger Bang after the Stones’ 2009 album, and Baltic Avenue takes the new title Sticky Fingers, after the 1971 classic recording.

Chance and Community Chest have become Lyrics and Licks and the four railroads are named after the band's tours. Players will not have to pay Luxury Tax as part of the new edition, but will instead have to purchase concert tickets.

Rather than a dog or a shoe, players will use a set of devil horns or a tour bus to navigate the bespoke games board. Other locations such as the water works and electric company are now drums and a guitar.

The new version of the game is launching as part of Monopoly’s 75th year anniversary.


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