Hasbro unveils location of Monopoly's Go

As part of the 75th anniversary celebrations, firm reveals the actual position of Go in London.
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In conjunction with the UK’s national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, it has been revealed that the famous Monopoly square, Go, falls directly on Queen’s Walk, next to the London Eye.

Today will see Queen’s Walk transformed in to an area dedicated to Monopoly, offering fans the chance to try out the new board game, Monopoly: Revolution, or have a go in a money catching globe to win a copy of the game.

In addition, Monopoly fans will have the chance to catch a Monopoly-themed bus to travel around the city’s famous Monopoly landmarks, from Mayfair to Old Kent Road.

Hasbro is also holding a series of Monopoly-themed events around the world and online throughout the day.

Monopoly will also appear on Facebook later this year through Hasbro’s strategic licensing alliance with Electronic Arts. Developed by Playfish, the game will allow players to buy and sell properties and negotiate with other online players.

Louisa Nigro, senior brand manager for Monopoly, commented: “Monopoly is the iconic game that everyone recognises. Right now you can play, negotiate and deal online, on a mobile device or gathered around a game board with friends and family.

“There’s a Monopoly experience for everyone and the game has been enjoyed by more than one billion people in 111 countries. We hope that fans of the game will join in our 75th anniversary celebration of Monopoly as we reveal Go in London.”

Other celebrations around the globe will include a scheme to give drivers in Sydney, Australia Free Parking in areas around downtown.

In the US, Mr Monopoly will participate in the Atlantic City Thunder Over The Boardwalk air show by parachuting into the crowd to bring Monopoly money to guests invited to play in a 75th anniversary commemorative game.

In Mexico and Singapore, fans are invited to meet and interact with Mr Monopoly if they find him on the streets. Finally, online at pogo.com, players can win tokens and participate in a special Monopoly game night to be entered to win prizes. Games will be on sale and players can earn a special anniversary token and unlock a special game mover.

There is also a Monopoly Money Makes It Real contest online tomorrow, which asks fans to describe what they would do if the money in their Monopoly game, which totals $20,580, were turned into real money. Visit www.monopoly.com for details and to enter. No purchase is necessary to enter or win.

Join the conversation about Monopoly at www.facebook.com/Monopoly.


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