Hasbro to start selling 3D printed Transformers, Scrabble and Monopoly

The toy giant has extended its partnership with SuperFanArt to incorporate further popular properties from its portfolio.
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Hasbro is gearing up to start selling 3D printed Transformers toys, as the firm expands its partnership with Shapeways and SuperFanArt.

Last month, the toy giant teamed with the 3D printing firm to launch its website, SuperFanArt, offering 3D printed My Little Pony inspired figures.

Shapeways will now work with the firm to bring more 3D printed products to the site, featuring popular Hasbro brands such as Transformers, Dungeons and Dragon, Scrabble and Monopoly.

“Our July launch of SuperFanArt.com featured five artists and their My Little Pony-based designs,” said Hasbro in an open letter to Shapeways.

“We’ve generated substantial press and attention for the artists, Shapeways and Hasbro with our story of a major entertainment company empowering fans to engage with their brands.

“Given this early success, we want to expand this opportunity to include more artists, more Hasbro brands and more 3D printed awesomeness.”

Artists with a passion to develop 3D printable art are now being invited to become part of the SuperFanArt initiative, to develop 3D art based on Hasbro’s portfolio.


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