Hasbro stays focused

Firm?s president says it won?t become a toy recall victim
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Al Verrecchia, Hasbro’s president, says the firm’s “stringent” quality control procedures have protected it against unsafe toys, which have besieged other toy companies.

Verrecchia was present at a two-day business conference when he explained to a group of business school students how the firm escaped the lead paint recalls, even though the majority of products are made in China.

“Lots of people are talking about high standards. High standards are good, but if you don’t have a process in place to make sure they’re being adhered to, it doesn’t mean anything,” he said.

Verrecchia says Hasbro managers will be watching the Christmas season carefully as toy purchases increase.

“We need to stay focused on what our goals are and not be distracted by what’s happening in the marketplace”.


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