Hasbro jacks up Tonka line

Iconic brand revitalised by new customisable Mod Machines range and heavyweight marketing.
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Hasbro is making a major push with its Tonka vehicle line this year, and hopes its latest range will complete the iconic brand’s return to prominence.

The line’s re-invention includes Mod Machines (for boys aged four to seven) which can be customised by adjusting the ride height and adding accessories. They are available in three sizes – five, nine and 16-inch – with all parts interchangeable.

Also available for autumn/winter is a line of mini-trucks called Mini Mod Machines. Each mini die-cast truck comes with a re-positionable axel base, body overwraps and tyre tread skins. There will be 30 available.

“Tonka is a line that has so much awareness,” Holger Kraetschmer, senior director, global brand development told ToyNews. “When you think about brand awareness it’s probably the number one brand in the company. It has been really interesting to see how relevant it still is. And it goes right through the range all the way up to the R/C range for 8-12 years olds.”

“We’re re-investing in the brand. Stretching the range to capture the macro-consumer trends of customisation and personalisation.”

The range is supported by TV from August to December featuring the Mod Machines and the Ricochet R/C, as well as with press and PR.


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