Hasbro celebrates 50 years of Fun Factory

New viral by Toyology media marks the Play-Doh play-set's half century.
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The teams at Hasbro and Toyology Media came up with ideas to capture the energy, iconic status and imaginative nature of the Play-Doh compound.

“We were thrilled to be invited to pitch for the project,” said Peter Jenkinson CEO of Toyology Media, “There really is no limit to the amount of ideas you can have with the Play-Doh brand.”.

After an initial brainstorm, Jenkinson and his team decided upon an idea that saw the Fun Factory being used to create shapes, balls and a giant squid, resulting in the creations leaving the house and going on a trip through London with a spectacular special effect moment.

Jenkinson added: “The sequence approaches the world of Play-Doh play from a child's imagination perspective, it's really good fun and engaging for all ages.

“We used all the very latest technologies at our disposal to create the illusion of hundreds of Play-Doh balls on a journey through the capital, there were some challenges along the way but we've a great end result”.

The video combines CGI technology with a straightforward storyline to stunning effect.

See the video here.


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