Gormiti to air on Nicktoons

Gormiti is to receive a lift with a TV series starting in October this year.
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The series has been created by Marathon, a French production company, with a total of 52 x 30 minute episodes. The first 26 episodes will air on Nicktoons in the autumn.

Entitled Gormiti – The Lords of Nature Return, the series has already launched in Italy achieving strong viewing figures and is now scheduled for Spain, Greece, France, Germany and Turkey as well as the UK.

Gormiti has claimed the top spots in the boys’ action figure market in Spain, France and Italy (NPD data). In the UK, rapid progress is also being made with sales up 48 per cent year-to-date, despite the absence of a TV series.

Now with the TV series imminent, the magic of Gormiti will be brought to the small screen featuring epic tales and comedy, as the series follows the lives of four kids who enter the magical world called Gorm to save it.

Commenting on this news, Flair’s CEO, Peter Brown said: “Naturally we are delighted with this wonderful news. Gormiti has been a growing success in the UK where the market is dominated by movie and TV supported action figures.

“Now we can build on our increasing market share with the huge benefit of a major TV series on Nickelodeon. This combined with our major fourth quarter investment in TV advertising and marketing activities means we look forward to replicating the unprecedented European success of Gormiti where it is the number one boys brand.“


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