Gormiti takes over Nitro magazine

Flair signs exclusive deal as the brand takes over the November issue of newly rebranded Future title Nitro.
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The issue will host a Gormiti thene with poster insert, display ads, front cover flashes and a full-page competition.

In addition the magazine will carry the Gormiti Proflix Flipbook which has been designed to carry 20 pages of product information and an animated clip from the forthcoming Gormiti Animation Series – the Lords of Nature Return.

Anne-Marie Noon, Flair’s Gormiti product manager, commented: “We have lots of marketing initiatives taking place over the coming months for Gormiti - some to celebrate the new TV series and associated product lines and others that will depict and raise awareness for the classic Gormiti collections.

“All in all, Q4 2009 will see months when Gormiti is seldom out of the public eye. This spells great news for retailers supporting the brand in the run up to Christmas and will also indicate to prospective new licensees, at the Brand Licensing show, the backing that is behind this exciting boys’ property.”



Gormiti: Flair

Flair's burgeoning boys' collectable is gathering pace with a mixture of TV, PR and promotions, with much still to come...

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