Giochi signs musical deal for Puppy in My Pocket

Giochi Preziosi has signed a deal with Spanish firm Claudio REIG to produce new musical lines.
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The deal for the Puppy in my Pocket Adventures in Pocketville property, will see Claudio produce a musical toy line for Italy and Iberia.

The two year deal will commence 1st January 2011 with products being launched at Nuremburg and the first products expected to be in store for the Italian consumer in May 2011, followed by launches in Spain and Portugal to tie in with the TV series.

Jeromino Reig of Claudio REIG SA commented: "Puppy in my Pocket Adventures in Pocketville is the perfect addition to our portfolio. We will be launching a varied collection at Nuremburg that we believe will be really popular with the fans of the TV series and its characters. The range will also complement the other licensed toys and merchandise and will be the perfect way to add to a girl’s collection and experience of the brand."

Graziano Delmaestro, Giochi Preziosi’s licensing director, added: "We are delighted to be working with Claudio REIG on this project. The company’s reputation for producing the best quality musical instruments for children of all ages is perfect for what we are trying to achieve for this property. Puppy in my Pocket Adventures in Pocketville is an aspirational license that girls love and their parents trust and producing the best quality merchandise that is sympathetic to all aspects of the brand is essential.”


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