Gamers inspire Lego

Lego plans to manufacture user-designed models from its MMOG.
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As part of Lego’s strategy to promote its forthcoming massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), Lego Universe, the firm plans to offer players the chance to see their onscreen creations made into products.

The products will be produced at its manufacturing plant in Denmark.

Mark Hansen, development director, said the concept has been development since 1999.

"That's what our supply chain is geared towards. It's about the customisation. We have the Lego factory in Denmark so we built the whole back-supply chain first before we built the game.

"We're very proud of that because there's no one else that can do that."

Hansen also said its online community is very strong with more than three million registered users.

“They build with Lego, they organise their own events and they are very integrated with us and they are very happy about the opportunities the game will offer.

"They have a lot of voice and a lot of say in the development of the game. And we're very lucky that developer NetDevil is open to accepting that way of working. A lot of developers out there understand what community is in respect to playing a game, but this is really about working with a community that is on 24/7."


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