Furby to become a celebrity in Stardoll campaign

An animated Furby will host a live web chat for girls.
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Stardoll Media, the online fashion community for girls, has created ‘Furby club’ to promote the return of Hasbro’s furry pet toy.

With a brief to make ‘Furbish’ the second language for girls between the ages of eight and 12, Stardoll Media will encourage its audience to become ‘Furby ambassadors’ with the objective of making the new Furby the talk of the playground.

To further promote Furby’s ‘celebrity’ status, Stardoll will present a live web chat hosted by an animated version of the toy in October.

The Stardoll site will encourage girls to download the Furby iOS app which can translate Furbish to English in real time. The app can also be used to feed Furby and see what it likes and dislikes.

Stephanie Gonzalez, Brand Manager at Hasbro, said: “We’re thrilled to introduce the new Furby creature and excited by the early support from both fans and retailers. 38 per cent of the UK’s 8-12 year old girls go online to the Stardoll site every month so it’s a great way of reignite the Furby craze.”

Furby will also be advertised during X-Factor.


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