Frozen success "truly unprecedented," says Disney

Firm admits that while it expected the animated film to be a hit, to predict that the brand would take off in the manner that it has “isn’t possible.”
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The success of Frozen at retail has been “truly unprecedented,” Disney has told ToyNews.

Frozen has become the highest grossing animated film of all time and, away from the box office, has caused a stir on the shelves with successful lines spanning several categories in the toy industry.

Mike Stagg, general manager, retail for The Walt Disney Company UK & Ireland, said: “We always believed in Frozen and were confident from the outset that it would be a hit.

“Predicting that it would become the number one animated movie of all time and a true global phenomenon with merchandise flying off shelves isn’t possible, but we work every day with our licensees and retail partners to make it a continued success.

“[The success of Frozen at retail has been down to] great teamwork between Disney, our licensees and retail partners, all working together to deliver high quality, innovative products that extend and build on the wonderful storytelling, characters, adventure and magic that fans have really connected with.”

The company admits its initial Frozen range was limited, but with the brand now in phenomenal demand, Disney believes this is just the start for the property’s legacy at retail.

“The success of Frozen is truly unprecedented,” continued Stagg.

“Last year our licensed range was relatively small, however due to the phenomenal demand there is now a much broader range available which contains really exciting and innovative product.

“Frozen is a long-term opportunity for the business, I believe this is still just the beginning of the journey for Frozen at retail.”


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