Flair unveils new boys' collectable line The Grossery Gang

“Imagine Trash Pack meets Shopkins and you have The Grossery Gang from Moose Toys…"
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Flair has detailed the launch of a new line of collectables targeting the boys’ market, titled Grossery Gang.

Developed by Moose Toys, the creators of the hit girls’ line Shopkins, the Grossery Gang parodies items found in a grocery store by giving them a ‘revolting twist’.

The line launches with over 150 Grosseries to collect in series one including rare and limited edition characters hidden in packs.

In addition to figure packs that arrive with either two, four or ten characters, key play-sets include the Mushy Slushie and the Yucky Mart, all of which will be available in store from July.

“The Grossery Gang has evolved from the Trash Pack which just a few years ago was the must have collectable toy for boys,” said Anne-Marie Noon, Flair’s boys marketing manager.

“Imagine Trash Pack meets Shopkins and you have Grossery Gang…all the characters have been let loose in a supermarket, where everything is well past its sell by date. The result is the grossest combination of stale and sticky we know kids love.

“With the release upon us, we will use our experience of successfully launching a new collectable brand to its fullest and have created a multi-platform campaign including TV advertising, print throughout the entire autumn/winter period, a fully interactive digital campaign and a mass sampling strategy including cover mounts and retailer kits.”

The new Grossery Gang range will launch to retail next month.


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