Flair awards Zibits competition winners

The autumn competition prize was awarded to two brothers, who won an iPad 2.
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James and Jason Childs aged eight and six were crowned as winners of the Zibits video campaign for their short Zibits film that amply demonstrated their skills with a Zibit.

The film was judged the best by Flair after receiving hundred of entries to the competition.

"We chose this video because it really showed the fun you can have with Zibits and how just a little skill can go a long way," said Nic Aldridge, Flair’s senior marketing manager. "We would like to congratulate all those who took part and especially our winners and runners up.

“The Zibits Video Competition was all part of a wider autumn campaign using both print and online media. We believe that the combination of innovative campaigns and heavyweight TV has been a major contribution to the success of the brand which has risen to the top tier of remote controlled toys for 2011.”

Check out the winning Zibits video here.

Also check out a close runner-up’s take on robot wars.


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