FEATURE: Winners and losers

We look at how the toy industry has fared during this recession...
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When the dust finally settles on the nightmare that was the global economic slump of the late Noughties, what will we be left with? Will we have learned to be less reckless in our financial decision making, humbled by the trauma of recession, or will we simply pick up where we left off and repeat the same old mistakes as we reboard the gravy train rollercoaster?

There is no lack of journalistic comment on this subject. The media has been consumed by the recession in terms of job losses, falling house prices, business failures and the stock market crash, but what about the brave new future that awaits the toy industry as a fresh decade beckons?

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Winners and losers

Jon Salisbury has seen a few recessions come and go in his time as a toy journalist but, who have been the winners and losers this time around??

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