FEATURE: Leading from the front

Mattel?s management believes its core of brands mean it's well positioned and is confident for 2009.
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Talk to any toy company around the end of a year and the focus is usually on exciting new ranges and the year ahead.

The end of 2008 was different in that it was outside factors occupying the minds of many MDs. In particular, Woolies. The toy industry had more reason than most to hope that the High Street icon would find a way to survive administration. But as, Mattel MD David Allmark points out: “Hope is not a strategy.”

Meeting the firm’s UK chief and marketing director Jackie Jordan at its Maidenhead HQ, the Woolies issue becomes the first topic of conversation. But Allmark is not unduly concerned for his firm, having already reduced its commitment to the retailer some time back.

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Leading from the front

Bullish forecasts from suppliers will be few and far between over coming months. Mattel?s management, however, believes its core of brands mean it's well positioned and confident for 2009. Ronnie Dungan spoke to MD David Allmark and Marketing Director Jackie Jordan about how a market leader copes with the crunch?

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