FEATURE: Flair bucks industry trends

Firm enjoys something of a purple patch at the moment, as boss Peter Brown explains...
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Flair’s current trading is very much of a worry to boss Peter Brown.

As we know, these are tough times and many companies in this market are cutting marketing budgets, forecasts and in many cases jobs too.

Not so with Flair, however, which is currently trading 39 per cent up on last year and enjoying record success. The problem is typical of the man, who is anything but smug about it, to worry that any publicity given to the firm’s current purple patch, might be seen as vainglorious, set against such a background of relative austerity.

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Flair bucks industry trends

Bucking all current industry trends, Flair is enjoying something of a purple patch at the moment with sales figures that would stand-out in even a growing market. Ronnie Dungan spoke to the firm?s understated boss Peter Brown about the firm?s current success story?

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