FEATURE: Big on Ben

For 2009, Bandai is unveiling a new Ben 10 range, more from Power Rangers and new girls' lines. Ronnie Dungan found out more.
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If it's the start of the year, it means a new range of Power Rangers are about to hit the shelves, right? They’re as much a part of new year as sales and broken diets. And 2009 is no different.

The new series of the show, Jungle Fury, has been on TV a little longer than it normally is before the toys appear. The range was launched in January and will spread across the full year, with marketing support.

You don’t need to know the intricacies of the plot, suffice to say it has bad guys and Rangers with Morphers, weapons and vehicles. But 2009 sees a new ‘powerful animal spirit,’ meaning they morph into Tiger, Shark, Jaguar and er….Bat.

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Big on Ben

With a new series of Ben 10 and yet more from the Power Rangers, don?t expect anything radically different from Bandai in 2009 other than the same solid sales performance in the boys sector. It does, however, also offer some interesting new girls? lines, as Ronnie Dungan found out?

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FEATURE: Big bones

Magic Box?s GoGo?s Crazy Bones has been one of the collectable success stories of the year, but where did it come from and how long is it likely to continue being the talk of the playground? Ronnie Dungan spoke to director, Ben Harper, about dem Bones?

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