EU vigilant with Mattel

Consumer affairs commissioner meets with Mattel?s VP to discuss new safety system
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The European Union’s consumer affairs consumer Meglena Kuneva (pictured) has made it clear to Bryan Stockton, vice president of Mattel International, that the company has to be vigilant and take care of its consumers.

Kuneva said: ”They cannot afford to take a false step, the trust of consumers for their companies is essential”.

The consumer chief asked Stockton to share the details of its new three-stage safety check program with the EU and members of the toy industry. Kuneva wants to inspect the program’s enforcement in the coming months.

“We are only good as the weakest link. And I will not hesitate, if the risk requires taking further actions or controls at EU level,” she told Stockton.

Kuneva will raise the issue in the European Parliament next week and gage the concerns of the EU ministers and their citizens. She will also approach them at the Competitiveness Council meeting about market surveillance.

“Consumers across Europe rely heavily on surveillance systems at national level to deliver the highest possible standards of controls”.


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