Etch A Sketch is 50

Flair launches PR programme to celebrate the anniversary, while a giant version is on display in the US.
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50 years ago, the Etch A Sketch was first introduced. The iconic product islicensed to the Ohio Art Company by French inventor Arthur Granjean.

In spite of its golden anniversary, Etch A Sketch is practically the same now as it was when it was first launched and the red frame that surrounds a silver screen has since been used in many marketing campaigns as well as on films and TV programmes.

As part of the worldwide celebrations, a working giant Etch A Sketch has been created and is now on display in Mineapolis whilst Etch A sketch artists are marking the occasion with a host of etchings.

As part of an all year round PR celebrations, Flair will be exhibiting a try me area to visitors at culture festival, Vintage at Goodwood, and also offering some competition prizes to UK fans.


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