Danbar launches Flash and Dash

Firm teams up with Turner Media Innovations for the launch of its Flash & Dash toy range.
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Flash & Dash, the new animated kids TV series, is set to air on Cartoon Network Too from November 7th.

As part of the deal, Turner is managing the product range advertising campaign, including TV sponsorship, a TV ad campaign and a dedicated website.

Live Tournaments will run in shopping centres across the UK offering kids the chance to play and take part in races in the run up to Christmas.

The tournaments are already live at St. David’s Dewi Sant, Cardiff; Lakeside, Thurrock; The Glades, Bromley; Braehead, Glasgow and The Potteries, Stoke.

Andrew Dickson, managing director of Danbar commented: “We are delighted to collaborate with Turner Media Innovations in creating a unique experience for consumers to experience the challenge and excitement of entering Flash & Dash Tournaments and become a regional or national winner, just like on the Flash & Dash animation series.”

Flash & Dash tells the story of twin brothers Frank and Karl who move to a new area and become part of the remote control racing world (RC Racing).

Targeted at viewers aged four to nine, a total of 26 episodes lasting 25 minutes each will run on Cartoon Network on Saturdays at 10am and Sundays at 9am.


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