Court decision made in Hasbro/Yummy Dough case

Use of the words 'Play Dough' on Maps product amounts to infringement and passing off.
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A decision has been reached on the Hasbro/Yummy Dough case, where Hasbro had been arguing that MAPS' use of the words 'play dough' in its Yummy Dough line, infringed its own Play-Doh trademark.

A Hasbro statement read: "Hasbro welcomes the court's decision that use of the words 'Play Dough' by 123 Nahrmittel and Maps Ltd on their 'Yummy Dough' product amounts to infringement and passing off in relation to Hasbro's Play-Doh brand and that they had not complied with their duty to act fairly in relation to Hasbro's rights as a trademark owner.

"The iconic Play-Doh brand has been on the market since 1956 and was described by the court as having achieved the status of a household name, and the court dismissed the claims for invalidity and revocation launched by the defendants.

"It is Hasbro's practice to actively protect its intellectual property rights against those who wrongfully attempt to exploit them and it will always seek legal redress against those who seek to do so."


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