Court decision forces Bratz biz into receivership

Having lost its latest appeal against Mattel, a judge appointed a temporary receiver to the MGA Bratz business yesterday.
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MGA Entertainment lost its latest bid to reduce a $100 million verdict won by Mattel in its long-running Bratz brand-ownership case.

A judge rejected MGA’s arguments that the damage award was duplicative. He also lifted a stay on his previous order barring MGA from making and selling the the fashion dolls and appointed a temporary receiver to oversee the Bratz part of the business.

"The jury’s verdict of $100 million is well within the range of possible awards based on the evidence of record, and therefore the court must leave it undisturbed," he said.

"The fact is the evidence not only supported a verdict of $100 million, this Court could have....easily sustained a verdict many times this amount," he added.

A December 3rd decision ruled that MGA couldn’t make or sell the infringing dolls. He later modified the order, saying retailers would be allowed to buy the spring and autumn lines from MGA through December 31st, or from either Mattel or a court-appointed receiver if he awards them the rights to the infringing Bratz products.


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