Counterfeit Frozen toys seized from shop in Nottinghamshire

A haul of counterfeit dolls, umbrellas, watches, backpacks and blankets were seized by Nottinghamshire County Council.
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Hundreds of potentially dangerous Frozen toys and products have been seized from a toy shop in Nottinghamshire.

A haul of counterfeit dolls, umbrellas, watches, backpacks and blankets were seized by Nottinghamshire County Council after concerns were raised that the fake goods could burst in to flames or strangle children.

The Daily Mail reports that the Council found that the fancy dress costumes and pyjamas did not conform to flammability standards.

Trading Standards officers seized the fake merchandise from a toy shop in Newark, Notts during a raid on Tuesday November 25th.

Councillor Alice Grice, vice-chair of the council’s community safety committee, said: “Official Frozen merchandise is amongst this year’s must have Christmas presents for children, but unfortunately, counterfeiters who want to cash-in are all too aware.”

In the run up to the big day, and with demand for Frozen products (among many other highly sought after toys this season) reaching an all tie high, parents have been warned over the risks of purchasing fake toys.

Trading Standards has issued a statement reminding parents that they could be putting their children’s safety at risk if they have bought in to the number of fakes circulating the UK.

‘Unofficial children’s merchandise such as toys and dressing-up clothes could pose numerous hazards with small loose parts, long cords and materials that are toxic or not conforming to fire retardant standards,’ read the issued statement.

‘The cost and corner cutting approach of most counterfeiting operations mean the product is likely to be poor quality, with a significantly shorter lifespan than that of a legitimate product, and it will not meet required safety standards.’


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