Construction toy sector to 'regain full momentum' this year, says Euromonitor

Research analysts, Euromonitor predicts the sector will return to full strength with new LEGO movies and Star Wars titles hitting screens this year.
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The construction toy category is set to make a mighty comeback this year thanks to a slew of new films and releases from LEGO.

Euromonitor has made the prediction following the drop in sales in the sector, giving way to the growth of the global games and puzzles market through 2016.

Construction toys saw a 1.6 per cent decline in North America last year – the first negative growth for the category in the region over the past five years.

Euromonitor’s toys and games analyst, Matthew Hudak has suggested that the reason for drop has stemmed from two conditions.

“2015 set a very high LEGO Star Wars bar due to Force awakens. Rogue One, while popular, couldn’t drive LEGO Star Wars demand in the same way.

“The other issue is that LEGO Dimensions had a full year of sales in 2016, that likely created some extra competition to construction toy LEGO sales.”

In the wake of the dip, games and puzzles moved into first place as the fastest-growing category at eight per cent globally, compared to construction’s 7.8 per cent.

However, with numerous LEGO films and a new Star Wars film ready to hit screens this year, the construction toy sector is expected to return to full strength.

“In 2017 and on to 2021, we expect the category to regain momentum off of LEGO, which will have numerous films in its new LEGO movie franchise to drive demand,” continued Hudak.

“In addition, LEGO Star Wars is typically one of the company’s most popular products, and we expect Star Wars Episodes 8 and 9 to help further drive toy sales.”



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