Chitech joins Hot Wheels line-up

Firm to launch a range of boys? bicycles, trikes and scooters with Mattel brand.
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The new deal with Mattel will see Chitech unveil the range in the UK this summer.

The line covers a selection of designs for a range of age groups, each showcasing elements of the Hot Wheels brand including speed, power, performance and altitude. The brand’s iconic flame design will feature throughout.

The bikes come in 12-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch sizes, with the two smaller sizes supplied with detachable stabilisers. The trike is a retro big-wheel style, and the scooter folds up for easy carrying.

Chitech CEO, Roy Jones, commented: "Hot Wheels is THE ultimate boys brand, consistently topping the toy charts and has huge brand awareness with a loyal following of kids. With such lively graphics to work with, the end result is bikes which really drive sales.

"The prestigious Hot Wheels brand combined with Chitech’s unparalleled design and quality standards makes for a very desirable set of products. We're confident that the whole range will be very popular."


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