BRATZ/BARBIE: Judge confirms Bratz extension

Judge allows MGA to continue to sell Bratz through 2009.
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Reuters has reported that US Judge Stephen Larson filed an order yesterday in US District Court in Riverside, California.

Judge Larson last week granted MGA's request to modify the injunction because it was discouraging retailers from ordering the Bratz merchandise for the Spring and Fall selling seasons.

The order filed yesterday was not final and cleared the way for privately held MGA Entertainment to resume making and selling the dolls after it was ordered to cease doing so last year.

The judge also ordered MGA to turn over any financial records requested by a court-appointed forensic auditor.

A final decision has been withheld on Mattel's request to put the Bratz line into receivership to monitor what it described as irregular financial dealings by MGA and its founder and Chief Executive Isaac Larian.

Larson said last week that he wanted to preserve the status quo between Mattel and MGA.


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