BRATZ/BARBIE CASE: Ads sparked Bratz creation

Bratz creator says magazine ads influenced the creation of Bratz.
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Carter Bryant has testified that the Bratz dolls were inspired by advertisments in the magazine, Seventeen, however, he couldn’t identify the particular ones.

Mattel attorney, Bill Price, showed Bryant several early sketches he made of the Bratz dolls and compared them with 1999 ads from the publication. He asked Bryant whether a print ad published for Paris Blues jeans might have been the one Bryant modeled several drawings on.

"I don't remember that," Bryant replied.

When Price showed a Steven Madden store ad that looked similar to another of the designer's drawings, Bryant admitted, "I don't remember the first time I saw that ad."

Price also inquired about conversations Bryant had with MGA Entertainment CEO, Isaac Larian, during autumn 2000, particularly if comments he made to friends that Larian told him he “could be very rich” if he came to work for MGA, were correct.

"I don't remember him saying that," Bryant replied.

(Source: Desert Sun)


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