Bratz v Barbie 2 - Judge orders MGA v Mattel retrial

A US judge has kindly decided to provide us with headlines in perpetuity, by ordering an MGA v Mattel retrial.
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Judge David Carter granted MGA’s request for a new trial, and invalidated the $100 million damages verdict awarded to Mattel in the case.

In July, a three-member appeals court panel overturned a December 2008 order that gave Mattel rights to most of MGA’s Bratz products. A jury in the case found that the designer who created the dolls was working at Mattel when he conceived of the idea and the name and made the initial drawings for the fashion dolls.

The Court of Appeals in San Francisco last month denied Mattel’s petition for a rehearing and review by a larger panel of judges.

"MGA is gratified that the prior erroneous rulings and jury instructions have been corrected," the company said in a statement.


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