Brainstorm unveils Star Wars Science range

Brainstorm will be unveiling a new range of Uncle Milton Star Wars Science products at Toy Fair.
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Highlights from the range include the Force Trainer, which allows you to control a Jedi Training Remote with your mind, using cutting-edge brainwave technology.

"We are incredibly excited to announce our distribution of the Star Wars Science line," said Rosanne Kenealy, Marketing and Product Director of Brainstorm Limited. "Uncle Milton has an exceptional history of translating science and nature into educational products that kids want to play with and by combining developments in technology and product innovation with the blockbuster Star Wars brand, they have created unique toys that appeal to kids, parents and even collectors."

Other lines include the Optical Command Unit, which is a multi-functional reconnaissance device that can be assembled into three unique configurations – binoculars, microscope and mini-projector.

The Darth Vader Robotic Arm kit shows you how to build a robotic arm and lets you grip and move real objects with interactive controls.

The Naboo Sea Creatures Habitat is a detailed environment to raise creatures similar to the inhabitants of the fictional planet.

The Jedi Telescope can be used to dial up images of iconic Star Wars planets and learn how they are similar to real planets.

The Jedi Projector displays projections of starships and other vehicles from The Clone Wars and comes with a CD audio tour.

Lastly, the Mustafar Volcano Kit can create realistic volcanic eruptions and lava flows in a detailed reproduction of the planet Mustafar.


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