Ben 10, Lego and Disney top new report

The new survey marks the launch of new business tool, BrandTrends in the UK.
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BrandTrends is a new report that rates brand against brand. It covers over 140 of the UK’s entertainment brands, ranking them in popularity by age group and gender. Report updates are expected every quarter, to monitor brand appeal over time.

Philippe Guinaudeau, CEO of Kidz Global said: "Brand licensing is very big business in the UK. The industry has grown at a rapid pace. Retail giants are now heavily dependent on sales of licensed consumer products.

"That’s a prime reason why a reliable guide to brands was needed. This is a tool for companies that want the facts about entertainment and sports brands in the UK."

The second report of BrandTrends UK delivered key learnings.

The report found that among pre-school children aged three to six, Ben 10, Lego and Disney lead the brand popularity league table. Popularity is a composite index mixing awareness, attitudes and favourites.

Hit Entertainment’s Bob the Builder and Thomas and Friends lead in overall awareness. Brand awareness does not necessarily mean they prefer the brand, attach a high value to, or associate any superior attributes to the brand.

Ben 10 is the brand most often identified as being among pre-schoolers' top three favourites, with two thirds of them placing the brand as their overall favourite brand.

The demand gap analysis shows extensive unmet demand among the tested brands. Approximately two thirds of the brands show demand surpluses, where future purchase interest exceeds present ownership. Batman, Bugs Bunny and Chuggington show the highest potential demand. Thomas and Friends records the largest demand shortfall.

DVDs/Videos and Other Toys and Games are the strongest purchase categories for boys aged three to six, with Ben 10 and five other brands record very strong interest across four or more product categories.

Tesco and Argos are the retail channels used by most parents of boys aged three to six for purchasing entertainment brands. They are closely followed by online retailers.

Guinaudeau added: "BrandTrends takes a strong, commercial focus when comparing brands. The ultimate purpose of BrandTrends is to evaluate the extent to which brand popularity translates into interest in merchandise - and in which categories - featuring tested entertainment brands.

"In the course of our research, we have unearthed some fascinating results that point to new, untapped market opportunities."


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