Beeb unveils Waybuloo

The BBC has released the first image for its big new pre-school hope, Waybuloo.
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The 100 x 20 minute series, announced earlier this year, is a unique mix of animation and live action. Production has started in Scotland and Canada and the series is scheduled to broadcast in 2009.

The series transports children into a magical land called Nara – a real world, which is inhabited by animated characters called Piplings. Taking a completely original approach, Waybuloo focuses on children’s feelings, and the Piplings embody a range of emotions including love, wisdom, happiness and harmony – all in search of Waybuloo.

There are four Piplings. Lau Lau is rabbit-like and her key characteristic is her imagination. She loves to paint and sculpt, especially if she can make presents for her friends. Yo Jojo is monkey-like and represents happiness. He is clumsy, funny and cheeky. Just as Lau Lau loves to paint, Yo Jojo loves music and dancing. He even has a little stage carved from a tree stump on which to perform. De Li is kitten-like and represents love. She’s a bit shy but is nurturing and loves nature, be it gardening, flowers or gathering food for the group. Nok Tok is bear-like and represents wisdom. He solves problems and comes up with creative, inventive solutions for fixing and mending things. He has a very colourful toolbox and a special Anything Machine which can solve a multitude of problems.

In each episode, six children visit Nara to play with the Piplings and explore their land, as real life interacts with the animated world, showing that every child can visit Nara and find their own Waybuloo. Children will be able to play with the Piplings, learn yogo with their parents and experience Waybuloo moments for themselves through the magical world of Nara on the CBeebies website.

RDF Kids & Family, a division of RDF Rights, holds worldwide rights in all media in the property and will distribute Waybuloo to the global pre-school market. It will be launched internationally at MIPTV in March.

RDF Kids and Family has already licensed Waybuloo to Mattel/Fisher Price as Master Toy licensee, Egmont as the Master Publisher and 2Entertain as the UK DVD distributor.


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