Barbie Store opens in Argentina

Mattel awards Buenos Aires business group exclusive rigts to world's first Barbie Store.
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Mattel has awarded a business group from Buenos Aires the exclusive rights to the world’s first Barbie Store in Argentina.

The agreement also entitles the group, led by the store's founder Tito Loizeau, to the store’s license in Uruguay and Paraguay plus first-option rights in the rest of Latin America, while Mattel can expand the concept across the world.

The group from Buenos Aires invested $500,000 into the store’s opening. Mattel will make a percentage from sales.

Girls are able to have their hair and make up done in the store and try on costumes. There is also a playroom and café.

Loizeau said: "There are girls who come every single day. No one understands it."

Mattel’s Richard Dickson said: "We've done a lot of work to maintain Barbie's relevance by extending her into other parts of a little girl's life."

The shop sells t-shirts, skirts, pants and handbags - most in shades of pink - that are designed and made in Argentina and only available at the Barbie Store. The range targets girls from three to 16.


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