BANDAI: Catchabeast launch

Bandai caught a life sized beast in a cage at Hamleys yesterday to launch its latest gadget.
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The company launched Catchabeast, an electronic beast hunting game, to the press and public among huge crowds at the retail giant. Children's TV presenter, Emma Forbes.

The Japanese game, which features a built in digital compass, is predicted by retailers including Woolworths and The Entertainer, to be a Christmas bestseller this year.

Yesterday's launch kicked off a marketing campaign set to run for the rest of the year. The product will be featured on an extended 100 second TV advert this month, before switching to a 30 second version in September.

Catchabeast will also have its own dedicated website and point of sale pack. The extended version of the TV spot will also be available as a DVD for use in store.

Bandai's Darrel Jones said: "The product has so many features that the extended advert should make this clearer to kids while generating demand." He continued: "The product has been hugely successful in Asia already, silling 1.5 million since 2006, so we are sure it will be a big hit in the UK too."


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