Bandai bringing back Badge It!

Big selling creative toy, Badge It!, is returning to the Bandai line-up for next year.
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Launched in 2003, Bandai managed to shift more than 500,000 units of the product between 2003 and 2004, culiminating in it being named Creative Toy of the Year. 

Launching in March with a new starter pack in completely new packaging and new 30-badge refill packs, the product will have the same functionality that worked so well when it was previously available.

Marketing support for the product will include a 300-TVR TV campaign, consumer print, PR and in-store demonstrations.

Product manager Vicki Elmer, commented: "There’s plenty of excitement at Bandai about the return of Badge It! next Spring. The news has been very well received at previews by our retailers who more than remember what a star performer it was seven years ago.

"This is certainly a case of 'back by popular customer demand,' so we look forward to re-launching Badge It! at Toy Fair and watching sales of this fantastic creative toy soar once again."


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