Andrew Brown takes the lead in Atlantic challenge

Two weeks in, the Flair exec has rowed his way into first place of the Atlantic Challenge Rowing Race.
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The first two weeks have been tough for Brown, who has faced force eight gales as he rowed over 1,000 nautical miles into the race.

On the night of December 18th, the solo rower overtook the two-man boat which was ahead of him and is now two miles in front.

Brown now has a further 1,500 nautical miles to go before he reaches the finish line in Barbados.

Brown's boat, named JJ, has performed well in the high winds and huge waves, but he has come up against a number of technical problems, which culminated in the complete failure of one of his two batteries last weekend.

The remaining solar powered battery now has to provide sufficient energy to run all of his systems including his water maker, navigation autohelm and safety transponders. So power management will be vital for Andrew if he is to continue to stay in front. A couple of cloudy days when the batteries don’t charge could create major problems for him.


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