Zomlings series 4 hits shelves

Fresh line introduces new Crystal Zomlings, new Zom-Mobiles and Zomlings Buses.
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Magic Box International's fourth series of pocket money collectable Zomlings lands at retail this week.

The first three series of Zomlings have sold millions of units in the UK and sales have been increasing with each new series that has launched.

Zomlings series 4 introduces new Crystal Zomlings, new Zom-Mobiles and Zomlings Buses.

“Zomlings has been a tremendous success story and series 4 is our best yet," said Magic Box Int’s UK director Ben Harper.

"We are really excited about the new Zom-Mobiles and think that they could be a stand out performer within the range. Our investment in TV and other marketing initiatives has driven huge awareness for the brand and I hope that retailers will continue to support us this autumn.”’

Prices start at 50p for a blind bag containing one Zomling.

Zomlings was the highest TV advertised toy in Q1 2015 and TV investment will continue in September to support the launch of Zomlings series 4.

Zomlings Series 4 FSDUs are available for toy retailers on request.


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