Zeon relaunches Bigtrak

Firm set to introduce the original Bigtrak replica back to the market at Spring Fair 2010
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Zeon, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Herald Group, is bringing back the programmable electronic vehicle from the 1980s and quickly became a favourite of millions of boys and girls around the world. The product will be launched at the Spring Fair exhibition next week.

Zeon will relaunch an authentic reproduction of Bigtrak, boasting all the features of the original model, including 23 button keypad, front-mounted blue photon beam headlamp and the ability to store up to 16 preset programmes.

Simon Gilham, general manager of Zeon in London said: "This is a very exciting time for Zeon. Bigtrak was one of the most exciting toys from my childhood and it’s so exciting to see the revival of this product.

“We wanted to take the incredibly popular toy and do something truly spectacular for the millions of children that came to love Bigtrak in the 1980’s by enabling parents of today to buy one of the most memorable toys from their past and bring it back to life for their own children to enjoy and of course for those who simply wish to have the toy they were never lucky enough to own as a child.

"This introduction mirrors the trend for retro toys and games but even by today’s standards of technology, this is still an immensely fascinating toy to play with what ever age you are!“

Bigtrak will be available in stores nationwide from July 2010, priced at £39.99, with accessories following in 2011.


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