Zapf reveals new Baby Born Interactive accessories

Potty experience features real-life toilet noises; Bathtub includes working water features and Sleeping Bag helps Baby drift off.
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Zapf Creations has revealed a range of new accessories for its Baby Born Interactive doll, ready to hit shelves this autumn.

The UK's only doll to feature eight life-like functions will now also be compatible with ten accessories, each triggering various effects such as sound, light and other functions.

The new Baby Born Interactive Potty Experience is an interactive potty equipped with toilet paper. when the doll is fed, she will use her potty and make real-life toilet noises.

Potty Experience retails at around £29.99 and is suitable for children aged three and upwards.

The new Baby Born Interactive Bathtub will automatically light up and play a jingle as Baby Born takes a bath with bath time noises. A button on the side of the bathtub will activate splashing, laughing and water bubbling sounds.

The tub includes real water features and retailer at around £39.99.

Finally, the Baby Born Interactive Sleeping Bag features real-life sleeping noises along with giggling, crying and yawning.

When the rabbit is placed on the sleeping bag, Baby Born will stop crying. The Sleeping Bag is priced around £21.99.

Baby Born Interactive doll is suitable for children aged three plus and retails at around £41.99.


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