XCOM: The Board Game to blend physical and digital play

A free app randomly selects one of five different invasion plans for players to fight with.
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Fantasy Flight Games has teamed up with Firaxis Game to launch a board game based on hit video game franchise XCOM.

XCOM: The Board Game sees players take on a series of alien attacks and the game blends physical and digital play with the use of a free app.

Players must shoot down alien UFOs, assign soldiers to key missions and research alien technology, and while the game boasts a board, cards, dice and playing pieces, it also incorporates a free app that randomly selects one of five different invasion plans.

Each invasion plan represents a general outline that the alien commanders will use to coordinate the arrival of new UFOs, plan strikes against a player's base, and how they will respond to the player's successes or failures.

After a player responds to the attack on the board, they then feed the results to the app and, based on the results, the app then launches the invasion's next attack.

The app also teaches the rules, tracks a player's progress of your resistance efforts and allows users to choose a difficulty level.

XCOM: The Board Game will land at retail in Q4 2014 and will be distributed in the UK exclusively through Esdevium Games.


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