Worms plush arrives

The video game's licensing programme kicks-off with soft toys from Gaya.
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Gaya's plush range includes a line-up of different worms as well as some weird and wonderful weapons from the series, like the exploding Super Sheep (pictured).

The British gaming brand was recently picked up by licensing agent AT New Media, which has plans to bring apparel, squeezies, figurines and collectibles to market next year.

The first Worms title was released in 1995. Developed by Team 17, it involves teams of earthworms trying to take each other out with a variety of wacky weapons.

Alan Perrie, head of marketing at Team 17 said: "Considering we only started this process earlier this year, we are incredibly excited by the results and where this merchandising program is taking the Worms brand.

"We look forward to bringing more merchandise partners on board in 2012, as we also continue to develop and bring to market new, high quality and exciting Worms games and Apps across numerous platforms next year, and also integrating our merchandising program even further into our release schedule."

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