Worldwide toy buying habits revealed

New research identifies the highest and lowest spending territories in 2010.
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Sweden, France, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands spend the most money on their kids – around $350 per child – according to a study by Euromonitor.

As you might expect, the spend was much higher in developed countries were there are typically less children per household.

In Russia, China, Romania and Poland, where there is also less than one child per home, the spend did not exceed $70, suggesting there is potential for the toys and games market to grow in these nations.

In countries where the number of children per household is more than one on average, the spend was never more than $70.

The largest populations of children (0 – 14 year-olds) belong to the Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East territories, however the spend in these areas was relatively low.

The research also revealed that the higher the average age of women at childbirth, the higher the spend is on toys and games.

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