Wishagift launches new website

The new website aims to simplify the act of gift-giving.
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Wishagift has launched a new website, designed to simplify the act of giving gifts.

The new site aims to help to people to give and receive the perfect gift and reduce the amount of unwanted gift returns.

Registered users can create their own wish lists and add wishes from any retailers’ product pages, giving the consumer greater flexibility and control with a wish list service. wishagift then drives traffic and sales back to the retailer’s site. 

Retailers can add the wishagift button to sit alongside their product social media ‘Share’ links by simply adding the code available from the wishagift website.

Karina Thomsen, founder of wishagift stated: “As online shopping habits continue to evolve, we see wishagift revolutionising the £40bn gifting market. This is just the start of wishagift - our vision is to have the wishagift button on thousands of retailer stores with over 1 million active users by the end of 2017.”

To visit the new website, click here.


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